naturale 100%


Good food, good mood. Fox Italia

Fox presents the new salt-free range in handy individual portion sizes 100% natural products designed for the modern diet in handy packs suitable for any on-the-go occasion.
Pure dry fruit, dried fruit mix, tasty seeds: the excellence of nature enclosed in a convenient bag!


• A new 20g format for impulse purchases
• Product is always fresh thanks to its ideal weight format
• Ideal for Hotels, Bars, Airports, Offices and Gyms
• Multi-target: from teenagers to the elderly, men and women

Good food, good mood. Fox Italia

Be Healthy,

Be Happy!

A new pack

even in its layout

Il logo Fox che garantisce la qualità dei prodotti
The Fox logo guarantees the quality of the products
Plus di prodotto chiari ed evidenti
The products’ benefits are clear and evident
Un’ampia finestra per visualizzare il prodotto
A large window to see the product
Un key visual raffinato
A sophisticated key visual
Colori della terra, come i prodotti Fox
Colours of the earth, just like Fox’s products
Find out more about the sizes and trays you want to exhibit in your business.

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