Vintage Potatoes

Vintage Potatoes

Hand Cooked Chips

Tortillas and chips made with the finest crops from the earth: with a full and intense flavour, lovingly hand crafted. Carefully selected raw ingredients and controlled production processes to guarantee natural products.
Fox’s Handcooked Chips are thicker due to the traditional cooking method which gives a distinct and characteristic flavour.
100% natural products, 100% Fox.
All over the world.
Sale marino

Sea Salt

Rosmarino Gourmet

Rosemary gourmet

Aceto balsamico e sale marino

Balsamic vinegar & Sea salt

Pepe nero e sale marino

Ground black pepper & Sea salt

Crema di cipolla

Sourcream & Onions

Tartufo e Sale

Truffle and Salt

Rigata Gourmet

Krinkle Cut Potato

Sweet chili
Lightly salted
Nacho cheese
Tortilla Blue Corn
Vintage Potatoes – hand cooked vegan

Hand Cooked

Vegan Chips

A Fox exclusive, another international success, another innovation. A range designed for all those who lead a healthy and modern lifestyle
and look for wholesome ingredients. Red beetroot, carrot and parsnip chips: a satisfying and detoxifying mix rich in vitamins and flavour.
Ideal for everyone and for all occasions.
Fox’s Handcooked Chips, now 3.0, are 100% natural, hand cooked and delicious!
Mix di carota, pastinaca e barbabietola rossa

Mix of carrots, parsnip & beetroot

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