Chip’n dip

Chip'n dip

Gusto Forte

Today, the “dip concept” introduced by Fox is synonymous with flavour. The best quality maize takes on a variety of forms to suit all tastes. Exclusive tomato Garganelli are inspired by Italian pasta and go perfectly with a drink.
al pomodoro

Tomato Garganelli


Granoturco Triangolare naturali, al peperoncino, al formaggio,
al gusto barbecue

Natural Triangular Granturco in chili pepper, cheese and barbecue flavour

Bar Service

Aperitivo Italiano

As pioneers of the Salsa Dip, Fox proposes products for professional use; essential for bar owners and to make the perfect apéritif.
Quality and size remain strictly confidential to the Ho.Re.Ca. channel

Salsa Dip



Mini Würstel,
Mini Salamini

Mini Würstel, Mini Salamini

Olive Giganti Aperitivo
“Bella di Cerignola”

Giant Olives “Bella di Cerignola”

Olive Piccanti

Spicy Olives

Spiedini di verdure

Vegetable Skewers

Jalapenos a fette

Sliced Jalapenos

Wraps, Durum

Wraps, Durum

Frutti del Cappero
con gambo

Caper Berries with Stem

Ciliegie da cocktail
con gambo

Cocktail Cherries with Stem

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