Why us

24 Hours of Business

since 1989

BAR ITALIA from the first day offers the most innovative solutions in the nut & snack market to turn 24 hours into a business opportunity.
Since 1989 the company has been providing its customers with HORECA-RETAIL orders and weekly deliveries (just in logistic time).
Today the BAR ITALIA products are widespread in the most prestigious sales points and the company is recognized as an ambassador of Italian aperitif in the world through the FOX fruit snacks brand.

Bar Italia capacity


Mton volume/year


Production units


square meters covered


Quality standards

Why us?


High product rotation - high mark up


Shelf life = 10-12 months (about + 4 months compared to the market average)


Orders and weekly deliveries (just in logistic time)


Assorted and customized packs (co-marketing)


100% natural ingredients


Custom mix order


Premium brand


Trend setter (innovation)




Reliable and concrete

Let's work together!

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